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At Folk Mondaze, we believe that work should support your life, not the other way around. That's why we craft herbal blends and pre-rolls that promote work-life wellness and support the rebel, disruptor, and misfit in all of us. Our collection of botanical smoke blends and pre-roll packs are thoughtfully formulated with quality herbs and spices to promote increased energy, reduced stress, restful sleep, creativity, and a healthy mood balance. We are committed to providing accessible plant medicine to everyday working people.

Our vision is a world where work-life is about thriving, not just surviving. With the support of our plantcestors, we strive to de-center productivity and open portals of possibility for everyone. We believe that work is a crucial part of life, but it shouldn't come at the cost of your health or happiness. Join us on our mission to smoke weeds, work well and live fully.

Five friends gathered in conversation, laughing while smoking mini botanical pre-rolls.

About us

We believe that everyone can benefit from plant medicine and strive to provide accessible, affordable, and supportive products. Whether you work from home, in an office or on the big stage, we've got you covered with our carefully crafted botanicals to help you relax, focus, and reduce stress and anxiety. Choose to Folk Mondaze with us!

Photoshoot Campaign 2022

Work n Roll NYC

Photoshoot Campaign 2022

Work n Roll NYC

Emilyn Sosa checking themselves out in the mirror while holding a botanical pre-roll in their mouth

Meet the Founder

Emilyn Sosa is the dynamic entrepreneur, spiritual herbalist, and work-life wellness coach behind Folk Mondaze. Their passion for storytelling and plant medicine is transforming lives, including their own. As a descendant of a long line of curanderxs and medicine makers from Quisqueya, Emilyn has dedicated their life to sharing their ancestral knowledge and experiences with others.

Emilyn's early memories of abuela and mami making homemade herbal remedies at home ignited their passion for herbalism. And it was a journey, but every experience led them on the path to create this collection of botanical smoke blends and pre-roll packs. These powerful blends are specifically formulated to combat stress in our communities and promote a better way to work and live.

But don't get it twisted, Emilyn does not dream of labor; they dream of collective liberation. Their vision is to create portals for people to access the healing power of plants through pleasure, play and rest.